A week of work-related learning – call for businesses

The Careers & Enterprise Company are supporting Oak National Academy to facilitate a week of work-related learning for Year 10 students who would have been undertaking work experience placements at this time. This will be running w/c 8 June 2020.

Additionally, in the same week, LearnLive will run a series of broadcasts from businesses and sectors to help bring the world of work to life for young people. On the Monday of the Oak National Academy week of content, students will learn about different sectors and businesses. LearnLive will then run their broadcasts from Tuesday to Thursday (and possibly Friday, depending on demand). All broadcasts will remain on LearnLive’s platform and will be accessible by young people at any time.

The Careers & Enterprise Company are contacting all their Cornerstone Employers to see whether organisations would like to participate in these sessions (note there is no charge to participate – LearnLive are offering it in the spirit of collaboration during COVID19). This could be a great opportunity for those who already have some existing video content that is suitable for a young person audience.

Five main sectors have been identified based on national priority sectors by Local Enterprise Partnerships: Construction, Creative and Digital, Engineering/Manufacturing, Energy & Renewables and Health and Social Care. The priority will be given to these sectors but they do encourage everyone to express their interest.

If you’d like to participate, there are three asks of you from LearnLive:

  1. Business overview: Someone is available to be filmed by LearnLive to describe their business, the sector and the roles within it (Note, if you have this content already filmed and suitable for a young person audience, this can be shared with LearnLive instead).
  2. Young person’s journey: 1-3 apprentices or graduates are available to be filmed to talk about their journey and experience in their role (Note, if you have this content already filmed and suitable for a young person audience, this can be shared with LearnLive instead).
  3. Q&A with young people: Representatives from the company (these could be apprentices, graduates, your HR team or other) are available for your scheduled 20-minute slot in the week (and during the week) to support any Q&A from the young people in LearnLive’s “live chat”. 

For your 20-minute slot, there is also the opportunity to work with the LearnLive team to include any other video content that you would like to be broadcast to young people that is relevant.

Next steps:

  • If you’re keen to participate, please contact Lauren in the LearnLive team directly at: lauren@learnliveuk.com – please put in the subject title of your email the sector you’re from so we allocate you to the appropriate sector.
  • They will then follow up with an email introducing themselves and arrange a time and date to speak and schedule any recordings.  (Recordings will need to be filmed anytime in the period to 29 May 2020.) 
  • They will then send a link to each person to be recorded, using their mobile number, to access QuickLink (the programme they use to record speakers in broadcast quality).

LearnLive will then edit the content, as required, and schedule the broadcast and confirm the 20 min slot where it will be featured.

If you have questions, please contact Aimee Higgins (ahiggins@careersandenterprise.co.uk) or Lauren.

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