SPACE Case study

Provider – Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Project  – SPACE (term-time)

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner delivered the SPACE project. This is a well established holiday programme that used essential life skills to branch into a regular term-time offer that focused on young people who were under achieving, were persistently absent, or at risk of becoming excluded.

Find below a series of quotes about young people that attended different SPACE sessions:

Drumming sessions:  Reach

‘….B has really benefited from attending the drumming sessions which have really helped build confidence and self-worth that is a real struggle. B has built a strong relationship with the instructor and is accompanying him to a local music event very soon, B struggles to make friends and attend social events so this is very positive also. I have been able to build a trusting relationship with B through the drumming sessions. This relationship has enabled me to address other issues and challenges that B has. B is going to have a trial run getting the bus to Newcastle so he can attend college. B has only ever been on a bus 3 times in his life so building the confidence to do this is also very positive’

Boxing sessions: St Margaret Ward

‘….Y has come with his brother to the UK from France. When he first came his English was not the best. But the school have done wonders and with this project he has found a sport he loves. I gave him a set of boxing boots as he never misses a session.  Y. has visited not just a local boxing club but also places of local history and natural beauty. Mentored and guided by MG a greatly respected man in the Stoke on Trent area.  This young man doesn’t feel alone or disengaged / alienated from a community he is new too. He is accepted with open arms and guided in return he grabs every opportunity offered to him and flourishes..’

‘….This child is a pupil premium child, has lots of issues with self-esteem, confidence and behaviour. He has recently reported issues to the school with bullying and trouble with other children on his street and on the way to and from school. His parents are separated and he has four half siblings in his mum’s house and two half siblings in his Dad’s house. He has recently begun to express a desire to go and live with his Dad. He has enjoyed the boxing club and, unlike any other club which he usually drops out of, he has attended each one of the boxing club sessions. He has signed up for the cycling trip over the summer and will enjoy the opportunity to have a day to himself during the summer..’

‘…I thought the boxing club was fun because we did loads of exercise and played a few games. I enjoyed learning a new skill and learning the boxing tricks. The adults were kind, helpful and funny. I liked that they showed us how to punch properly for boxing and I would definitely sign up for it again…’

Feedback from Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s Anti-social Behaviour Manager re Space term-time.

‘…Anti-social behaviour across the City has reduced and is currently showing an 8% reduction. The Meir area is currently showing a reduction of 59% year to date. This Space-led project is invaluable and is helping to engage young people in worthwhile activities and assisting in making the City of Stoke a safer place to live and work.”

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