North Mids Maths Hub is here to help support you with your COVID -19 Recovery Plan

Please use the link below to access the guidance, developed by the NCETM with the DfE, identifying core curriculum content to assist teachers with their planning and prioritisation of core curriculum.

This document will be of significant help to schools planning their maths curriculum following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

Please use the link below to access the guidance. 

The guidance:

  • identifies the ‘Ready to Progress’ criteria that pupils need to secure before moving onto new year group curriculum content.  
  • demonstrates how pupils can build their understanding of these concepts from year 1 to year 6

The guidance is accompanied by Short videos for each year group that introduce and summarise this guidance.

Further support for your staff is available through the North Mids Maths Hub.

You can enrol for one of the North Mids Maths Hub programmes if you have not already done so.

·       Mastery readiness

·       Teaching for mastery development

·       Teaching for mastery embedding – (mastery development schools 2019/20)

·       Teaching for mastery sustaining

Teaching for mastery programmes will incorporate aspects of the guidance and all CPD will be delivered online until government guidance changes.

For schools who are already on their Teaching for Mastery journey with the Hub please continue to teach in your blocks, but look at the pre-requisites of core curriculum that children need to secure from their previous year before moving onto the new year group content within each block.

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