Loving Learning Through Creativity

We have helped to fund Partners in Creative Learning along with Arts Connect. They do fantastic work in delivering projects on arts and cultural extra-curricular activities for young people.

They have been sharing an amazing spring update!

At Sandford Hill Primary School Belinda Latimer was tasked with ‘providing a nurturing and calming environment for the children before they start school lessons’ as well as helping confidence and well-being throughout the day. They are being introduced to techniques such as applique, stitch work, collage and wire sculpture.

The head teacher has said that attendance overall has gone up by 4% since Belinda has been at the school!

Alice Thatcher has been working in Sutherland Primary Academy with the Year 1 group and some additional Year 2’s to explore working with clay. The children have made pinch pots, coiled pots and have been exploring different ways of manipulating clay. Alongside this they have been working on drawing and design skills, looking at portraits and flowers.

In St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Academy Iain Perry has been working with years 3,4 and 5 as a printmaker and paper artist. The extra-curricular club have formed their own Superhero School: ‘Excelsior Academy, School for Superheroes, Wizards and Other Fantastical Beasts’. The pupils have been developing their own storytelling which will be collected together as one comic/storybook.