Teaching workforce capacity

Why is this an issue?

Quality teaching is the cornerstone of attainment at all stages of education. We’ll join forces with a wide range of partners both nationally and across the city to build on and strengthen existing activities in recruitment, retention and continuing professional development (CPD).

Our discussions with local partners have highlighted concerns about difficulties in attracting teachers to work in the city, and about a growing problem in recruiting maths and science teachers in particular. All too often non-specialist staff fill vacancies in these critical subjects. We believe that investment in teachers’ learning and careers is critical to recruitment and retention, as well as to the quality of teaching and leadership in the city’s schools.

What will we do?

We will:

  • build on existing work to improve peer-to-peer support amongst teachers in the early stages of their careers and improve access to targeted CPD and career planning advice for them
  • explore avenues for recruiting more maths and science specialists, working with Teach First as well as local providers of teacher training
  • strengthen the CPD offer for teachers in the city, drawing on the resources available locally through the Teaching Leadership Innovation Fund, which includes support for specialist and non-specialist science teachers (through STEM Learning and the Institute of Physics), and fully funded National Professional Qualifications offering high quality training for aspiring and current school leaders at all levels of leadership
  • review with post-16 partners in the city the CPD offer available to their workforce and what more can be done to build capacity in English, maths and science
  • collaborate with local school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) programmes, the Maths Excellence Partnership, the Science Excellence Partnership and the local Maths Hub, to develop and build upon Teacher Subject Specialism Training in maths and science. We will build on the capacity of non-specialists who may be able to move into a maths or science role, upskill non-specialist teachers currently teaching maths or science; and work with those looking to return to the profession
  • promote the work of our EEF Research School to link teachers with evidence informed practices to establish a norm for teachers in StokeonTrent to be research engaged and effectively challenge the barriers felt by those children who are most disadvantaged
  • work in partnership with the 2 universities to expand undergraduate internships in local schools to help develop the teaching workforce of the future, building on the work of the Maths Excellence Partnership (MEP) in deploying maths undergraduates from Keele University.